My advice, spends a day, or even, as many days as possible with GustoFood Tours! What you get is a deluxe program combining Barcelona’s wine and Spanish cuisine. Gastronomy at its best! Thank you Agata! We will be back for more.

Jennifer and Robert Daniels, Boston

I have known Agata and her beautiful soul since she was a teenager. I am a true witness of her passion for food and love of feeding others.  When she cooks, she creates the most memorable and mouth-watering dishes and pairs them with great wines. Agata is a catalyst for time with loved ones and friends bringing back memories and comfort.

Barbara Cajdler, New York

“As of recently, we visited Barcelona and looked for a private culinary tour. Our friends recommended GustoFood Tours and Agata. It was truly incredible! She was very knowledgeable and friendly, patiently answering all of our questions. We learned the most interesting details about Spanish cuisine from her and most importantly enjoyed eating all of it! What a great trip! We sure will be back for more.

Highly recommend!

Thank you Agata”


Darek Walczak, Chicago

Great atmosphere and Exceptional food...

Adam Kruszak, Long Beach New York

Agata, I wanted to drop you a personal note to say, "Thank You" I am still bragging to all my friends how special our trip to Spain was, especially Barcelona!
My boyfriend, Joe and I were just finding our way around this wonderful city when we met up with you on our third day. You said, "to trust you and to meet you at a specific location" which we did. To our delight you took charge of us and took us on a culinary tour of the city, pointing out all the Landmarks and stopping at outdoor cafes. You knew the city well, all the little hidden areas and you knew just the right spots to stop and rest. You ordered for us and every dish was amazing! You made us feel SO SPECIAL, Your selections were always perfect from the wines, appetizers, main course and deserts. We spent 2 days with you and they were the best 2 days of any travels days we had throughout the world. We had the most amazing PAELLA on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, visited a Arab Bath Spa and then you even cooked a very special dinner for us in your home. The food was incredible with the most spectacular views of the city. Your presentation and cooking skills are incredible!!! I wish we could take you with us, everywhere we visit around the world. You Spoiled Us!!! Until next time.

Jerrie Williams, Joe Westerhausen,


Atlanta, Georgia USA

I love Agata’s cooking with extremely flavorful taste and presentation. My favorite was roasted cauliflower tart with pine nuts and gruyère. Her exceptional authentic personality and humor adds very special experience of completely different vibe than anywhere else. Everything is unforgettable.

Asia Janina Dyrkacz, New York

“Perfect combination of Spain’s most important treasured assets: cuisine, wine, heritage and warmth. GustoFood Tours, time tastefully spend.

Thank you Agata!”

Carol and Doug Edwards, Miami, FL

“She is not only the incredibly talented chef herself but also amazingly beautiful, smart, and funny companion. I came to Barcelona with my husband and I cannot say what we truly enjoyed more, Gaudi or eating and drinking with Agata!
I give Agata my highest recommendations.”

Kasia Kubiak, New York