About Us

Where the love for food and the spirit of adventure come together to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Founded by a passionate foodie, Mark, our mission is to take you on a journey that goes beyond the typical tourist experience.

Our Story

Mark’s deep-rooted passion for food and travel led to the creation of Gusto Food Tours. Tired of seeing travellers missing out on the authentic flavours of Malta and falling in tourist traps, he set out to change the way people explore new places. Mark believes that the heart and soul of any culture can be discovered through its food, and he’s dedicated to sharing that belief with locals and tourists alike.

What sets us apart?

We are not just a food tour company; we’re storytellers, culinary explorers, and cultural ambassadors. We take pride in offering you a genuine taste of the local scene. Here’s what sets us apart…

Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple celebrating a special occasion, or a group of friends, you are more than welcome to join us for a culinary adventure.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey that will tantalize your taste buds, broaden your culinary horizons, and connect you with the heart of a destination, Gusto Food Tours is here to make it happen. Let’s explore, savour, and create memories together.



We're not interested in tourist traps. Our tours are carefully curated to showcase the real essence of a place, taking you to hidden gems and family-run eateries that you probably won't find in guidebooks.


Insightful Guides

Our local guides are passionate food enthusiasts and are well informed about the culinary traditions of the area. They'll share stories, historical titbits, and insider tips as you explore the city on foot.



We believe that a destination's cuisine is a reflection of its history and culture. Our tours feature a diverse range of stops, so you can savour the full spectrum of flavours.