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The Ultimate Valletta Food and Market Tour - A Gastronomic Adventure

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey like no other. Dive deep into the heart of Malta’s capital, Valletta, and savour a diverse array of flavours, from authentic local dishes to delectable desserts. This tour is a feast for your senses

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The Taste and History of Valletta

Experience the vibrant tapestry of Valletta, Malta’s historic capital, through its flavours and fascinating history through “The Taste and History of Valletta” tour. Join us for a delightful journey that combines mouthwatering tastings…

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Flavours & Village Tales: The Rabat and Mdina Food Tour

An exquisite gastronomic and historical journey through the charming towns of Rabat and Mdina in Malta. This immersive experience promises to delight your senses as you savour a diverse array authentic local dishes to mouthwatering desserts.

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Cook, Walk, & Savour: Cooking class and a historic walk

A one-of-a-kind culinary and cultural experience in Valletta, the enchanting capital of Malta. Our “Cooking Class and Historic Walk” invites you to uncover the timeless art of crafting the…

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