Maltese Rabbit Stew: A Hearty Taste of Malta

In Malta, Rabbit Stew stands out as a hearty and traditional dish. Maltese Rabbit Stew, known locally as “Stuffat Tal-Fenek,” is a slow-cooked stew featuring rabbit as the star ingredient. It is considered to be the national dish of Malta, which dates back to the time of the Knights of St John The preparation begins […]

Maltese Cheeselets: A Bite-Sized Taste of Malta

Among Malta’s gastronomic treasures, Maltese Cheeselets stand out as savory, bite-sized delights. “Ġbejna” as it is called in Maltese, is the diminutive of the Maltese word ġobna, which means “cheese”; How Are Maltese Cheeselets Made?Maltese Cheeselets, locally known as “Ġbejniet,” are petite cheese rounds made from either goat’s milk or a mixture of goat’s and […]

Maltese Sausage: A Flavourful Taste of Malta

When it comes to traditional Maltese cuisine, few things are as beloved as the Maltese Sausage. This flavourful sausage, bursting with aromatic spices and rich flavours, has a long history and a special place in the hearts of the Maltese people How Is Maltese Sausage Made?The process begins with finely ground pork meat, which is […]

Kinnie: Malta’s Bittersweet Liquid Gold

When you think of Malta, it’s hard not to conjure images of its stunning landscapes, rich history, and delicious cuisine. But no visit to this Mediterranean gem is complete without sipping on Kinnie, Malta’s iconic and beloved soft drink. How Is Kinnie Made?Kinnie is a non-alcoholic, bittersweet soft drink made from a blend of Mediterranean […]

Pastizzi: Malta’s Irresistible Savoury Delight

When it comes to iconic Maltese snacks, Pastizzi stands proudly at the top of the list. These delectable pastries have been a cherished part of Maltese culinary heritage for generations. How Are Pastizzi Made?Pastizzi are savory pastries made from flaky, buttery dough filled with various delicious fillings. The dough is typically made from flour and […]

Cisk: A Taste of Malta’s Brewing Heritage

When you think of Malta, stunning Mediterranean landscapes and rich history may come to mind. But for those with a taste for beer, Malta offers a delightful surprise in the form of Cisk, its beloved national beer How is Cisk Made?Cisk beer is crafted using traditional brewing methods combined with modern techniques. The key ingredients […]